2020 was supposed to be the year Nepal would see an enormous growth in
Tourism Industry. Between all the preparations and excitement for the year,
something unexpected happen that shock the whole world and time somehow got stuck leaving everyone in misery. Different small and large corporations started collapsing due to the economic crisis. In the time of COVID, it became very hard for people to go out even to buy essential groceries. In such time, E farm was able to grasp the pandemic crisis as an opportunity and change it to avoid the hustle and bustle of the cities.
Realizing the importance of e-commerce platform in Nepal, E-farm was established before Dashain in 2019 with the theme “गाँउको कोसेल” to deliver fresh vegetables, fruits and meat products to its customers. E-farm, which started off by selling livestock goats during Dashain, now has over 121 different products on its website which are necessary in everyday life. E-farm values both its farmers and consumers who are directly connected through the platform and believes in providing quality goods to every of its consumers. E-Farm wants to contribute vastly in agriculture sector of the country so it has been connecting over 100 farmers to provide fresh groceries and livestock on a regular basis. Dashain is a festival for all where more over 100,000 goats are sold alone in Kathmandu. Last year E-Farm sold about 1% to 2% of the total goats which were brought to Kathmandu and this year it aims for the bigger target. Since Goat meat falls under one of the most searched and sold items after Potato at E-farm website, it has been collectively working to provide the best quality Goat to its customers. It has its own farm and slaughter house where the goats are made ready for consumption use. E-farm helps maintain social distancing during this pandemic by delivering the products to consumer’s location which helps to reduce the crowd during festive season.
E-farm has its own website where people can easily order products. It has its own resources and team which helps connect technology and farmers. E-farm not only plans on selling goats but also plans on grinding the livestock and delivered it to the consumer’s location. E-farm sets a goal on having a farm on a bigger scale so as to deliver the products on a higher rate like having poultry farm where birds can be used for breeding, pisciculture farm from which fresh fish can be delivered to its consumers, Goat farm where goats are raised and bred for meat, milk, fiber and skin.
E-farm believes that no crisis should ever act as a barrier to establish any relationship with its customers and it has never failed to deliver it. It is for sure on of the best e-commerce-based company which is currently working on Agricultural products and it chooses to be a helping hand during this pandemic. The pandemic has somehow affected each and every one of our lives. You will be awestruck with the uniqueness that it offers. And just when you think this business could not have anything new to offer, it amazes you with the quality of the product it provides.

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