Dashain is the greatest of our festivals which signifies the victory of good over evil. People worship the image of the goddess for the well-being of their family. Dashain is celebrated in such a huge way that people indulge in feasting and rejoicing. They clean their houses, put on new clothes, and taste various types of delicious foods. There is a public holiday in this festival for all the schools, colleges and offices. This is an occasion of peace and goodwill. Dashain is an occasion of great joy for all the people. And the celebration style of Dashain in Nepal is different and extra-ordinary. In Nepal, different races of people celebrate this festival in their own way. 

People indulge in feasting so much so that the sales are at the peak at this time of the year. The consumption of meat products is particularly very high. People buy the chopped meat but many prefer to buy the live goats and prepare them for the feast. The celebration is so high that every household, every streets and corners have the most fascinating lights on. Families share the delicious foods ever made and celebrate the good things.

With the purpose of getting family closer and together, E-farm sells the healthy and delicious goats directly from the farm. In E-Farm, we have variety of goats to choose from including shape, size, color and weight. There is a provision of delivery for people who does not want to come out in this pandemic. We also provide the chopped meat if someone wishes to have meat in small quantity. We have looked over the animals with the utmost care and love so that our customers can have the delicious meal and enjoy the celebration.

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